Things to know about my HL2 DM obsession.

Server where i like to play and u can fight ´gainst me:

TEKHOST by monotek

Bloodsuckers Clan (killboxes only /fav.)






i fragg them all---

try again fuckhead---

vomit up ur ass---


some questions to f***engelekke:

What do you think about Halflife ² ?

This game is one of the bests out on earth. Graphixx , physics and all weapons , especially in deathmatch modus, are very neiz.
I fukkin love and hate this game. I never before were into a game as in this one. Its fast and thats what i like. U could connect easy,
join the game and lets fragg !!!!

How do you think about emotions in HL² Deathmatch ?

Thats part of fighting ingame. Sorry to all when i write some stupid words but when i´m in a good fight and server laggs or my mouse hangs
or the other one is better then me so im a little bit violent, also to my fist which punshes different times on my desk (autsch)!!
But all in all im very lovely.

Greetinxx goes out to: monotek, milzbrand, kneluschmi team, the kangaru, sfc guys, 1uck3r, B$-fragger..... and to all i going to fragg in some time ;-))